Thursday, October 10th, 2013
Hybrid Range Rover | Silk Trail Expedition | Nepal Towards India
The Silk Trail 2013 expedition prepared to enter the fourteenth and final country on the epic journey from Solihull to Mumbai when it passed through…
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Friday, October 4th, 2013
Hybrid Range Rover | Silk Trail Expedition | Xinjiang-To-Tibet Highway
Pioneering a mountainous route across north-west China never previously completed by a vehicle from outside the country, the Silk Trail 2013 expedition has successfully traversed…
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Thursday, September 26th, 2013
Hybrid Range Rover | Silk Trail Expedition | The Kyrgyzstan Mountains
Three Range Rover Hybrid prototypes have progressed from the hot deserts of Uzbekistan to the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan as the Silk Trail 2013 expedition…
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Friday, September 20th, 2013
Hybrid Range Rover | Silk Trail Expedition | The Ancient Silk Roads
Weekly highlights from Land Rover’s Silk Trail 2013 expedition, travelling 10,000 miles from Solihull, UK, to Mumbai, India and taking-in the legendary Silk Road trading…
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Friday, September 13th, 2013
Hybrid Range Rover | Silk Trail Expedition | Progress Towards Mumbai
The Silk Trail 2013 expedition, after continuing eastwards for two weeks from its starting point at Land Rover’s home in Solihull in the UK, has…
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Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
Hybrid Range Rover | Silk Trail Expedition Continues On Its Way To Mumbai
The three Range Rover Hybrid prototypes participating in the Silk Trail expedition have now passed through seven countries in Europe in little more than a…
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Thursday, August 29th, 2013
Hybrid Range Rover To Take On Epic ‘Silk Trail’ To India
Demonstrating Land Rover’s legendary capability, its latest model, the Range Rover Hybrid is being put through its final engineering sign-off drive on a gruelling 9,950…
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Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
Land Rover Launches Its First Hybrid Range Rover Models
Land Rover is launching its first-ever hybrid models – the Range Rover Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Hybrid – which will deliver outstanding fuel economy,…
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