Land Rover LR4 | A Striking New Look

The LR4 is world-renowned as the ultimate all-purpose vehicle. For 2013, the LR4 sets the standard even higher with new optional features including the Extended Leather Pack inspired by the HSE Luxury Limited Edition, and distinctive Black Design Packs available with 19” or 20” all-black painted wheels and a host of black trim finishers and design details such as gloss black grille and fender vents.

Customers also now have a choice of five additional body colors and two new interior colors and trim enhancements, offering customers an even greater opportunity to personalise their car, whilst the navigation system comes with premium features such as Off-Road guidance and 4x4i.

The outstanding 375PS 5.0-litre LR-V8 naturally aspirated petrol engine continues to power the LR4 with the ultra-refined ZF 6HP28 6-speed automatic transmission, producing CO2 emissions of 328g/km.

“The LR4 continues to win awards for its unrivalled versatility and breadth of capability, accommodating up to seven passengers in comfort whatever the terrain. For 2013, the breadth of choice gets better, with equipment upgrades and our new Black Design Packs enhancing the key design attributes that our customers identify with today. As the ultimate all-purpose vehicle, the LR4 is now more compelling than ever before,” said John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director.


Black Design Packs

Distinctive new Black Design Packs create a striking new modern look for the LR4 which complement the metallic paint finishes of the car. Available with either 19” 7-Split Spoke or 20” 5-Spoke all-black painted wheels, the optional Black Design Packs include:

  • gloss black grille & fender vents
  • gloss black door handles & mirror caps
  • gloss black LAND ROVER & LR4 badging
  • satin black extended roof rails

Extended Leather Pack

In response to customer demand for a more luxurious interior, the Extended Leather Pack is being introduced as a new interior option to the HSE derivative for 2013 model year when Windsor leather seats are fitted. The Pack includes premium soft (Windsor) leather with twin-stitch detailing to the top of the facia and doors and also around the instrument binnacle.

New exterior & interior colors

On the outside, five new body color choices are available on the LR4 at 2013 model year: Havana, Barolo Black, Barossa, Mariana Black and Causeway Grey.

There’s broader customer choice on the inside as well, with two new interior colors and two new trim finishers. Arabica seats with Nutmeg stitching and Ivory seats with Ivory stitching are both now available in Windsor premium leather. A new Grand Ivory Lacquer veneer provides a striking and contemporary contrast with Ebony facia and door casings, whilst new Gloss Black switch finishers on the steering wheel have been added to the Grand Black Lacquer veneer feature. Cosmic Grey interior finishers are also introduced as a new option.

Premium navigation features

Since the LR3, there has been a choice of Base or Premium Navigation systems. From 2013 model year, only the Premium system will be available and, where fitted, will offer features such as TMC (Traffic Message Channel), 4x4i (displays vehicle status for example, wheel articulation graphics), Voice and Off-Road guidance. The Points Of Interest (POI) function has been extended to include a ‘My POI’ category and POIs can now be uploaded from USB stick in ‘GPX’ format. POIs can also be downloaded from the Internet and personalised with name, icon and audible warnings.

A new function, Avoid Points, can be accessed from Stored Locations and used during route planning. The interface has been streamlined with more shortcuts to make setting of the destination easier and faster. For example, a ‘GO’ button replaces a list when there’s only one destination available and also eases the setting of everyday Points of Interest.

In the navigation display, motorway overhead signs are displayed in split screen junction view to show a more representative display of lane and road signs ahead. There’s also a new Map Auto Zoom function which, when enabled, automatically zooms in on intersections or motorway junctions as they are approached.


The audio system electrical architecture was upgraded to the MOST Gen 2.1 in 2012 providing a High-line Harman Kardon System with 11-speakers and an output of 380W, and the Premium Harman Kardon LOGIC 7 system with 17 speakers which delivers an amazing 825W.

Touch screen is available independently of the navigation system and Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) is equipped with a single slot DVD drive in the audio head unit so the disc can be conveniently loaded from inside the cabin.

The rear seat audio system incorporates WhiteFireTM cordless headphones, and can also be controlled by wireless remote control. The system supports connectivity with games consoles and video playback of MP4 files stored on USB. The phonebook stores several thousand entries, whilst the TFT Message Centre interface displays audio, phone and navigational information.

Advanced V8 engine combines high performance with efficiency

The astonishing 5.0 LR-V8 naturally aspirated engine is a lightweight super-efficient aluminium alloy engine, producing 375PS and 510Nm torque with CO2 emissions of 328g/km.

One of the secrets of the V8’s efficiency is the centrally-mounted, multi-hole, spray-guided fuel injection system delivering fuel at a pressure of up to 2175psi(150bar) directly to each cylinder. The injectors are positioned to deliver fuel precisely to the centre of the combustion chamber for maximum air-fuel mixing and accurate combustion control. The charge cooling effects of the direct injection system allow a high compression ratio of 11.5:1 which further improves engine efficiency. During the engine warm-up phase, the combustion system employs multiple injection mode strategies to deliver 50 percent more heat for fast catalyst warm-up and substantially reduced emissions.

A number of clever design features include the industry-first, torque-actuated variable camshaft timing on all four cams. Unlike conventional systems which rely on oil pressure, these are actuated by the positive and negative torques generated by the opening and closing of the valves, reducing energy consumption. Cam profile switching (CPS) selects either a profile suitable for low speed running or another which gives increased lift for high performance. This provides the LR4 with exceptional low-end torque to negotiate demanding terrain and allows it to become fleet of foot when conditions allow.

Torque and power is also optimized by a variable inlet manifold which changes the length of its eight inlet tracts. The manifold switches between a 680mm inlet tract to provide high torque at low revs and a 350mm inlet path allowing maximum power at high revs. The precise position is optimized throughout the rev range at all times. The engine also features a unique reverse flow cooling system where coolant passes through the cylinder heads before the block. This allows the heads to remain cooler and the knock threshold is pushed further back for greater efficiency.

Frictional losses have been reduced by the use of Diamond-Like Carbon Coating (DLC) on some components, an intelligent oil pump pressure relief valve (PRV) to optimize oil pressure and the use of lower viscosity 5W-20 oil further reduces parasitic losses without compromising durability.

Superb 6-speed automatic transmission

The LR-V8 drives through the ultra-refined ZF 6HP28 6-speed automatic transmission. Its characteristics have been optimized by Land Rover engineers to provide the same class-leading response, with rapid and refined shifts. The superior power and torque characteristics of the engine make it possible to actuate the transmission’s lock-up clutches much earlier in each gear, reducing slip through the hydraulic torque converter, optimizing both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

On- and off-road breadth of capability

The LR4 suspension system is widely acknowledged as being the most versatile ever developed for both on-road and off-road use. A variable ratio steering rack gives greater stability during high speed cruising and increased sensitivity at acute steering angles. Powerful brakes comprise twin-piston sliding callipers with 360mm ventilated discs at the front and single piston with 350mm ventilated discs at the rear. The understeer control system intervenes by automatically slowing the vehicle to bring it back under driver control.

Land Rover’s acclaimed Terrain Response® system includes a setting for general driving; grass, gravel, snow; mud and ruts; sand; and rock crawl. Two additional features were added in 2011: Hill Start Assist which automatically retains the driver-generated brake pressure when the driver’s foot moves from brake to throttle without the car rolling backwards; and Gradient Acceleration Control, designed to provide safety cover on severe gradients when the driver does not have Hill Descent Control engaged. By pressurising the brake system, Gradient Acceleration Control slows the car to a limit determined by the throttle position when the car is descending the slope in the driver’s intended direction of travel.

e_TERRAIN TECHNOLOGIES boost economy and lower CO2 emissions

The new 5.0 LR-V8 was designed from the outset to deliver class-leading fuel economy and improved low-end torque.

The V8’s high pressure, spray guided direct injection system optimizes combustion while the variable camshaft timing system, camshaft profile switching and variable inlet manifold all join forces to ensure the engine is optimized for fuel efficiency throughout the range. Thanks to the advanced cooling system, faster warm-up also improves fuel economy as do the low friction design features.

The engine has also been optimized for low-end torque as well as economy, making it possible to activate the lock-up clutch of the ZF HP28 automatic transmission at lower speed. This reduces ‘slip’ in the hydraulic torque converter improving both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The higher torque at lower rpm also enables longer gearing for more economical cruising.

The LR4 incorporates several other energy saving features too. At standstill, the idle speed of the V8 is set at a low 700rpm saving fuel without compromising refinement. An Intelligent Power Management System includes Smart Regenerative Charging, so whenever possible the alternator charges the battery when it is most economical to do so, such as when the car is coasting rather than accelerating.

Aerodynamic features at the front end such as the lower chin spoiler and front wheel deflectors help to reduce drag by increasing underfloor airflow.  The air conditioning pump is driven through a clutch which disengages when the air conditioning is not in use, reducing parasitic losses and delivering improvements in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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