New Ranger Rover Sport | Refined and luxurious experience

The new Sport’s more rewarding driving dynamics are complemented by significant improvements in refinement and comfort, with reduced noise levels and enhanced ride quality.

Both front and rear seat passengers will also appreciate the added comfort and convenience available in the luxurious leather-trimmed cabin, with their comfort being assured by the latest interior technologies.

Superior NVH for all-day comfort

At every stage of the development process, Land Rover engineers have applied meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the new model delivers all-day comfort, with low noise levels and refinement which approaches the highest luxury car standards.

All unwanted sounds and traces of harshness were eliminated through the use of advanced computer simulations earlier in the engineering phase, followed by painstaking optimisation with test cells using sophisticated analysis tools such as specialised acoustic cameras.

Powertrain refinement has been enhanced through the use of new dual-isolated engine mounts on the diesel models.  Overall engine noise levels have been further reduced, particularly on diesel models where combustion noise has been significantly lowered, assuring a refined sound quality across the full operating range.

Under hard acceleration there is sporting acoustic reward to reflect the responsive performance – notably on the V6 S/C and V8 S/C petrol models which feature a sound symposer on the intake system – while the engines remain hushed at cruising speeds.

A special acoustic lamination applied to the windscreen glass helps to further reduce combustion noise as well as wind noise, which has been minimised through analysis with computational fluid dynamics, and exhaustive wind tunnel tests.  Key areas, such as the shape of the A-pillar and door mirrors, were optimised early in the development process.

The new Sport’s body structure has been designed using the latest ‘multi-dimensional’ CAE optimisation tools to achieve outstanding stiffness and refinement. The structure incorporates extremely stiff chassis attachment points, to further minimise the transmission of noise and vibrations, while the use of stiff, lightweight alloy suspension components, along with carefully optimised bushes, help to eliminate road noise.

Other innovations to enhance refinement include the mounting of the air suspension compressor on the main vehicle battery to dampen unwanted vibrations.

All operating sounds within the new Sport, from door closing sounds to the noises made by switches and motors, have been rigorously analysed and refined to create a harmonious and premium sound quality for all occupants.

Enhanced ride quality

The new Range Rover Sport’s state-of-the-art chassis and suspension has been meticulously tuned to offer composed, confident progress in all conditions.

With its class-leading wheel travel and upgraded four-corner air suspension, the vehicle combines outstanding poise and stability with excellent ride isolation on all surfaces.

Carefully optimised damping ensures that the vehicle delivers a supple and absorbent ride, along with excellent composure and body control.

Premium interior features, with exclusive audio and seamless connectivity

The luxury experienced on the Range Rover Sport has been raised to a higher level with the latest premium interior features and technologies.

Travelling pleasure starts with exclusive new state-of-the-art audio systems developed with Meridian, a world leader in audio technologies and digital sound processing, which promise stunning sound quality in all seating positions.

Three levels of branded Meridian system are available, ranging up to the stunning 1700W** Signature Reference system which has 23 speakers including a subwoofer to offer the ultimate surround sound experience. (** Power ratings are at a practically audio distortion free level of 0.2% THD + N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise).)

The three systems feature state-of-the-art amplifiers which incorporate Meridian’s latest digital processing technology to ensure perfectly optimised sound quality, along with high-efficiency speakers for exceptional clarity and dynamics.

Range Rover and Meridian audio specialists have also applied the sophisticated Audyssey MultEQ XT audio tuning system, which digitally corrects any imperfections created by the cabin environment to deliver accurate, enveloping, and distortion-free sound throughout the vehicle.

Range Rover Sport customers place a high priority on the ability to stay seamlessly connected to their business and family lives, and the new model offers a comprehensive connectivity package for mobile devices.

The package includes Connect and View, an exclusive new Range Rover feature which enables the driver to access their smartphone applications via the 8-inch touch screen display.  With a compatible phone, the driver is able to access key applications like phone, navigation, music and voice functions (including email and SMS if ‘Text to Speech’ is used) while the vehicle is moving; when stationary, all applications except video can be operated.

In addition to this, the connectivity package includes:

  • Handsfree mobile phone via Bluetooth, enabling the phone to be controlled via the 8-inch touchscreen or steering wheel controls
  • Bluetooth audio streaming, to play music stored on a phone, or other portable Bluetooth device, via the car’s audio system
  • Voice control, with intuitive ‘Say What You See’ display prompts
  • USB connectivity for iPods/MP3 players or memory sticks.

Travelling in the perfect climate

To ensure that the interior is maintained at the perfect temperature, whatever the weather outside, the new Sport features a completely new climate control system which is based on class-leading technology.

The result of an incredibly rigorous development programme using CFD simulation tools, the new system has been tested in punishing real-world conditions in temperatures ranging from +50 to -30 deg C.

Three versions are available: the standard 2-zone system, an optional 3-zone system (featuring separate temperature controls for driver, front passenger, and rear seats), or the optional premium 4-zone system, which has an additional climate control unit in the rear compartment, and separate controls for driver, front passenger, and each side of the rear cabin.

A sophisticated control system ensures that the climate control responds quickly and accurately, with discharge air temperature sensors on all outlets, and dual solar sensors in both front and rear compartments.  With its independent heating and cooling capability in the rear compartment, the 4-zone system offers a significant improvement in rear seat luxury, with multiple outlets at face and foot level.

For an even more luxurious travelling experience, the new Sport offers a full-size sliding panoramic glass roof to create a truly special sensation of space and light for all occupants.  Significantly larger than the previous model’s roof, the new roof has been cleverly engineered to maximise its length and width – with no unsightly supporting structure – to deliver an uninterrupted vista and enhanced headroom.

To maintain a comfortable interior temperature and to provide a sense of privacy, the toughened glass roof has a dark tint, and is treated to offer a high degree of solar protection.  When additional shade or privacy is required, an electric fabric sun blind with a solar reflective coating can be extended across the full surface of the glass. An alternative fixed glass panoramic roof will be available in early 2014.

Added comfort and convenience in every detail

Each aspect of the new Range Rover Sport has been meticulously refined and optimised with premium luxury in mind, with added comfort and convenience in every detail.  New and enhanced features include:

  • Enhanced seating – high series models now offer 14-way power adjustable front seats with new features including climate control, adjustable bolsters and winged headrests, plus 5-mode massage and seat articulation.  Rear seats now offer adjustable recline and climate control, with a choice of 60/40 or 40/20/40 split, while the versatility of occasional 5+2 third-row seating can be specified as an option.
  • Premium infotainment – digital and satellite TV or DVD playback via 8-inch Dual View front touchscreen, full Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) package with twin 10.2-inch video screens and a dedicated touchscreen remote control, Dual View and RSE systems are supplied with ‘White Fire’ infra-red wireless digital headphones, giving CD quality sound.
  • Customer Configurable Mood Lighting – sophisticated LED ambient lighting with variable colours which can be adjusted by the customer to suit their taste and mood.
  • Powered tailgate – power operation using the remote control key fob, buttons on the tailgate, or from the driver’s seat.  Remote close from the key fob is a new feature.
  • Keyless entry and start system – smart Key system enabling keyless entry and start.
  • Soft door close – for additional convenience, the new model is offered with power latching on all doors.
  • Power operated child locks – power operated child locks on the rear doors are fitted as standard.
  • Cooler compartment – a generous cooler compartment in the front centre console armrest is available as an option.
  • Timed climate control – the climate control system includes a Park Heater facility that allows the car to be pre-heated or cooled.  The timer can be set using a recurring 7-day calendar, or as a single event up to 16 days ahead.
  • Heated front screen/seats/wheel – for cold climates, the new model offers a heated windscreen, plus individually adjustable heated front seats and steering wheel.
  • Flexible load area – a luggage management system with floor mounted loadspace rails gives a flexible solution to secure baggage.


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