The Limited Edition LR4 ‘Pursuit’ | A Return To Its Roots

Land Rover today announced its new HSE V8 Limited Edition LR4 ‘Pursuit’. Created exclusively for the MENA region, the Limited Edition LR4 'Pursuit' comes with expertly incorporated accessories for challenging desert driving and off-road terrain. From the front and rear lamp guards and front protection bar to a host of access innovations and underbody protection, the LR4 'Pursuit' will appeal to true off-road enthusiasts across the region.

The Limited Edition LR4 ‘Pursuit’ capitalises on the vehicle’s inherent agility, versatility and performance, and is customized to meet specific requirements for extreme off-road driving in particular. With only 100 vehicles available, demand will be strong across the region known for its off-roading and desert driving. In addition, the launch will be supported by a dynamic advertising campaign using the rare Arabian Leopard in the communication to reflect the limited number of vehicles available.

With its distinctive exterior look, the ‘Pursuit’ is guaranteed to turn heads with a wide range of accessories adding a distinctive edge to the already popular LR4. Front and rear lamp guards effectively protect the vehicle’s lights during grueling desert expeditions and the front protection bar helps protect the vehicle from overhanging branches and bushes.  Further armor includes underbody protection, guarding the chassis and lower body of the vehicle from rough terrain. The stainless steel rear bumper treadplate helps protect the vehicle from damage while climbing in or loading luggage and the fixed side steps with bright body moulding helps passengers step in with ease, while the rear ladder allows easier access to the roof of the vehicle.

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