Land Rover 13 MY LR2 | Premium New Look And Feel

Land Rover has given the LR2 a premium overhaul, delivering even better comfort, convenience and driving enjoyment. New colours, new exterior design features, upgraded equipment levels and the new lightweight and efficient petrol engine all contribute to make this SUV even better.

Interior equipment levels soar to new heights in the LR2 with a host of fresh and exciting features including three new colour ways as part of a ‘Dynamic’ theme, brand new centre console, 7-inch colour touch-screen with enhanced audio systems from Meridian and upgraded satellite navigation.

Passive start replaces key dock and there’s a new ‘intelligent’ electric parking brake which adjusts brake force according to the slope the vehicle is parked on. For the first time, rear view camera capability is also available on the LR2.

Exterior design details have been revamped for an integrated and co-ordinated appearance, including more contemporary lights front and rear using the latest LED technology and a new signature graphic in the front running lights.

The exciting news on the engine front is that the six-cylinder Si6 petrol is replaced by the turbocharged Si4, four-cylinder engine. Essentially the same engine used in the Range Rover Evoque, this lightweight Si4 produces more power than the Si6 yet is more economical and sees a 14 percent reduction in CO2 to 224g/km.

“The LR2’s equipment levels bring a more premium look and feel to the overall driving experience. In addition, our customers continue to benefit from our refined and economical range of diesel engines and can now opt for the powerful and highly efficient new Si4 petrol,” says John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director.

He adds: “It’s another step forward for the LR2 where outstanding equipment levels, superb design, safety and all-terrain capability continue to set the standards in this class.”

All these great new features are underpinned by the fact that the LR2 scores 5 stars in the coveted Euro NCAP for occupant safety. As the most capable SUV in its class, the LR2 offers the durability and sure-footed all-terrain breadth of capability both on and off road that only a Land Rover can provide.

An interior packed with exciting features

New features and more convenient equipment options bring a host of improved benefits to customers looking for a modern, all-terrain, multi-purpose vehicle.

The first thing you notice when entering the LR2’s contemporary looking cabin is a brand new centre console. The original Terrain Response® dial has been replaced by switches and a shutter reveals additional storage space.

An optional ‘Dynamic’ theme is based on the SE models and this comes in three new colours, Ebony, Ivory or Pimento, each with matching stitching and co-ordinated door casings to complete the look.

A crisp new instrument cluster with a 5-inch screen displaying primary vehicle-related information, such as temperature and fuel levels, gear positions and Terrain Response® mode, now sits between the dials across the LR2 model range, complemented with steering wheel toggle switches to operate the clearest of drop down menus and vehicle set-up details.

Cabin space and safety are improved with the introduction of an intelligent electric parking brake which adjusts brake force according to the slope the vehicle is parked on. The system is so intelligent it even takes into account whether the brakes are hot or cold. If hot, the system ‘wakes up’ periodically to ensure clamping force is not lost as the brakes cool down. Despite being operated by a single switch, the electric parking brake may still be used as an emergency brake, automatically selecting the most stable braking method by employing skid prevention techniques. An additional safety feature ensures the brake cannot be released unless the driving seat is occupied.

More convenience comes in the form of Passive Start which replaces the key docking system, meaning that as long as the key is somewhere inside the car, the engine starts at the touch of a button.

Rear view camera capability is also introduced. The view from the back of the vehicle is displayed on the Infotainment screen with dynamic lines representing the boundaries of the vehicle and your predicted path as you reverse. The system also incorporates ‘Hitch Assist’, a graphic superimposed on the camera showing the position of the tow ball.

The navigation system is enhanced with a faster hard drive-based system which comes with all the features the customer would expect such as ECO Route planning, Dynamic Zoom, Visual Lane guidance and POI (Point of Interest) management. You can also manage waypoints and store locations as well as POIs by name.

Infotainment moves up a level

For the first time on LR2, the premium Meridian audio system is available with a choice of 380W or 825W. The outstanding Meridian sound system is delivered with a new 7-inch colour touch-screen and either the 380W, 11-speaker system for exceptional stereo sound quality or the impressive 825W surround sound 17-speaker system with Trifield technology to provide a natural, enveloping concert-like experience for all occupants. Both are equipped with subwoofers for a deep, bass sound and Audyssey MultEQ audio tuning system. A new and upgraded 80W 8-speaker unit with 5-inch colour display screen is also available at entry-level.

Equipped with AM/FM radio tuner, the music players support CD, DVD, Virtual CD, iPod and USB. There’s also a 3.5mm aux jack input for music players and Bluetooth audio streaming to any supporting devices including headphones. The virtual CD comprises a hard drive which can store the equivalent of up to 10 Audio CDs identifiable using Gracenote.

Sharp detailing to the exterior

Three stunning new colours are added to the LR2 range, Aintree Green, Havana and Mauritius Blue, whilst an additional all new 17-inch alloy wheel design becomes available as an option at entry-level. Exteriors gain a number of new integrated design features resulting in a co-ordinated and premium appearance. Boasting the latest in Xenon LED technology, the front and rear lamps have been revamped giving the LR2 a sportier yet purposeful new look, set off with a new signature graphic in the front running lights. The grille and fog lamp bezels now sport a bright finish and there are paint detailing changes to the front grille surround, insert bars and fender vent to harmonise the different elements.

How the models line up

With this generation of LR2, models are simply differentiated by trim level and not by powertrain specification. Entry level to the range is the LR2 S with cloth seats as standard. The Dynamic version has gloss black fender vents and grille bars with black grille surround, complemented on the interior with three colourway choices of sport-themed electric leather seats. Top of the range is the HSE with a grained leather and wood interior as standard. There’s the option of 19-inch Diamond Turned wheels and Grand Black Lacquer finisher and also Windsor leather seats with premium carpet mats for that extra special touch.

Petrol power from the lightweight Si4 2.0

The new 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine joins the LR2 line-up, reducing CO2 emissions by 14 percent compared to the outgoing Si6 engine. Powering the LR2, the new direct injection, turbocharged Si4 engine now delivers 240PS and an increase of seven percent on torque to 340Nm, providing a broader spread of torque for relaxed cruising and strong low-speed response. The all-aluminium engine is a full 40kg lighter than the previous six-cylinder and returns a competitive 224g/km CO2.

The Si4 engine first appeared in the Range Rover Evoque and is packed with advanced technical features including high pressure direct injection and variable valve timing on both inlet and exhaust. A high efficiency turbocharger delivers instant lag-free response and a fabricated steel exhaust manifold promotes quicker catalytic converter light-off to reduce emissions. Piston rings and tappets are treated with a low-friction coating to reduce friction and therefore, fuel consumption which is now 9.6 litres/100 km from 10.7 litres/100km  . Twin balancer shafts ensure a silky, smooth response easily on a par with that of a six-cylinder engine.

Mechanically, the Si4 is virtually identical to the Evoque version. To suit the LR2, only minor changes were needed to the engine mounting points in the vehicle and the exhaust system was redesigned to achieve the appropriate noise characteristics within the LR2 bodyshell. The engine management system was adjusted slightly to suit the size and aerodynamic package of the LR2 but the torque and power characteristics remain unchanged from the Evoque.

The Si4 is paired with the quick-shifting, refined and highly efficient Aisin AWF21 six-speed automatic transmission with full-time four-wheel drive and a Haldex rear axle differential. The transmission was redesigned for 2011 with an advanced neutral logic control to reduce drag when the vehicle is stationary. Revised clutches and the introduction of low viscosity oil also improved efficiency while adaptive shifting is available in both normal and sport modes. Land Rover’s peerless CommandShift® provides slick manual shifting while Terrain Response® gives sure-footed traction and handling in all conditions.

"Downsizing from a six cylinder to a highly efficient yet powerful four-cylinder engine combines high performance and refinement with the economy our petrol engine customers expect. It also delivers a significant weight reduction that further enhances the driving dynamics,” says David Mitchell, Chief Programme Engineer for LR2.

Saving every last drop of fuel with smart charging

All LR2s are equipped with Land Rover’s Intelligent Power System Management (IPSM) which includes Smart Regenerative Charging. This feature ensures that, where possible, the alternator only charges the battery as the vehicle is decelerating, recovering kinetic energy rather than consuming fuel. IPSM was designed as part of Land Rover’s e_TERRAIN TECHNOLOGIES programme which aims to continually improve engineering efficiency in every Land Rover.

Traditional Land Rover safety, durability and capability

Four wheel drive models (TD4, SD4 and Si4) are all equipped with the same, class leading, intelligent four-wheel drive system. The system responds to changes in grip in 150 milliseconds to adjust torque between front and rear axles. Terrain Response® optimises the electronic systems for conditions and there are four settings, General Driving, Grass-Gravel-Snow, Mud & Ruts and Sand. Gradient Release control ensures smooth hill starts both ascending and descending for absolute safety and driver confidence on any surface.

When it comes to on-road handling dynamics, the LR2 is top tier, thanks partly to the outstanding body stiffness. A structural undertray on the front subframe contributes to this, increasing steering precision, while the LR2’s four-point engine mounting aids engine stability and increases driving refinement. A full range of stability systems provide a further safety net for the occupants including, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Traction Control (ETC), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Roll Stability Control (RSC) and Engine Drag Control.

Naturally, the LR2 earns a 5 star Euro NCAP award for outstanding adult occupant protection, with seven airbags in total, including two curtain, two front, two thorax and a driver’s knee bag.

“This model line-up is the most flexible we’ve ever offered on the LR2. The wide range of combinations to choose from allowing customers to choose any engine package with any trim level makes the LR2 a more compelling choice than ever before,” says John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director.

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